mark.davisMark Davis has worked in the oil and gas industry most of his life beginning as a roughneck for his dad during school breaks around Abilene, Texas when he was 14, and continuing until he graduated the University of Texas in 1974 with a BA in Biology. He has over 35 years of experience in leasing, managing, operating and developing oil and gas properties, excluding the fieldwork as a young man. In 1974, he accepted a position with Grand Mud Company as a drilling fluids engineer. He partnered with Richard F. Williamson in the contract land services business from 1975 to 1977, at which time he went out on his own. He continued doing contract landwork for himself and a few other independent oil and gas companies until 1985. He started Westwind Exploration, Inc. with a partner in 1977, generated prospects, raised capital for drilling and operated wells until 1987, at which time he moved to Hawaii. From 1983 to 1998, he was a partner and CEO of Masterbook Publishing Corporation, which published yellow page directories in Texas, Nevada and Hawaii. After selling the directories in 1997, he returned to Grapevine, Texas and began putting a few oil deals together and trading stocks on a regular basis. In 2002, he returned home to Abilene and shortly thereafter began working with Fenlaw Land Services as an agent for Devon Energy Corporation. Mark is an active member of AAPL and the Abilene Geological Society.