tabor.scottbrenda.scottTabor and Brenda Scott have a combined eighty-five years of experience in the legal field and in the oil and gas industry. They currently serve Fenlaw Land Services (“FLS”) as joint crew chiefs, specializing primarily in title curative matters. Tabor was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, holds an LLB degree from Southern Methodist University, and actively practiced oil and gas law for forty years, with a secondary emphasis on contracts, probates and estates. He was authorized to appear before the highest courts in the State of Texas, and the Supreme Court of the United States. He represented farmers and ranchers in their oil and gas matters, and served as legal counsel and corporate officer for an independent exploration and development company in the Texas Panhandle. He retired from the practice of law in 1997, and pursued a second career as an independent landman working in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona. He spent four years as a right-of–way agent with Universal Field Services on behalf of El Paso Natural Gas, and he has worked independently for Devon Energy Production Company since 2003, the majority of those years with FLS.

Tabor’s wife, Brenda, was also raised in Amarillo, Texas, and spent 30 years as a legal assistant, managing solo practitioner law offices with an emphasis on oil and gas law and real estate transactions. From 1979 until 1986, she managed the land office and supervised the field office for an independent oil and gas operator, gaining first-hand experience in exploration, drilling and development, pipeline construction, drilling mud technology, and gas processing plants, while serving as a corporate officer. After a hiatus of twelve years as an event planner, she joined Tabor as an independent landman with FLS, on behalf of Devon Energy. After a year in lease acquisitions, she and Tabor took on the title curative task, managing and training a team of a dozen landmen. Brenda uses her organizational skills, legal experience, and attention to detail, while Tabor draws upon his skills in writing contracts, negotiating with both lessors and lessees, and his practical, in-the-field personal knowledge of drilling and exploration, pipeline construction, and pipeline right-of-way acquisition and management.